NOVA Fitness Resistance Bands
NOVA Fitness Resistance Bands

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NOVA Fitness Resistance Bands

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Man Bicep curling with Resistance bands

No Need For Long Workouts / Expensive Gym Memberships or PTs / or Bulky Home Equipment.

With the ever increasing cost and time commitments of fitness equipment / diets / facilities and an ever decreasing amount of time you are able to do these things leaves many people struggling to hit their fitness goals.

Want to:

- Lose Fat / Tone

- Build Muscle / Sculpt

- Improve Athletic Skills

- Improve Joint Flexibility

 from the comfort of your own home with low time commitments?

The NOVA Bands have been designed with these specific goals in mind.

Woman with Resistance Bands

See Personal Transformation within a Couple of Months!

"I’m a completely newbie to resistance bands but I’m now converted..the range of exercises you can do with these is incredible! I usually just use weights, and that can be limiting as you can’t just throw them in your bag" Anna. F

"I’ve been searching for an affordable, good quality set of resistance bands all of lock down. I’ve purchased about 3/4 different sets and they’ve all not been adequate.

These bands however are the bands I’ve been looking for. Metal clips are durable, the handles and door anchor are top quality and the little bag it comes with so you can keep everything in one place. It also has a little list of exercises, with diagrams on, that you can use the bands for. You can use them for a whole range of different exercises." Tom. C

Multiple resistance band workout

"Love these. Recently started at the gym but wanted some aids to help me at home also. I was impressed with the variety of bands in this pack and the additional extras such as the door anchor. The workout guide is great but I also found some good workouts on YouTube that show you how to get the most from them. I really feel they are helping me to tone :)" Louise. R

"Very good for conditioning" Sam. T

"Fantastic product, I was a soldier for 8 years and am well versed in fitness equipment but this is brilliant." J.T

How to use:

Resistance bands stretch, they create increased tension in your muscles and cause them to contract. The more you stretch the band, the more intense the resistance gets, and the harder the exercise becomes.

You can also create more resistance by combining resistance bands or by holding them in a way that increases tension—i.e. bringing your hands closer together when doing arm moves.

Resistance Bands Strength

 Chest Band workout

Leg Band workout

Arm Band workout

Abs Band workout

+ FREE Workout Guide Included

What's Included:

Nova Premium Package:

2 Soft Foam Handles
2 Ankle Straps
1 Door Anchors
4.5KG* Band - Yellow
8KG* Band - Red
10KG* Band - Green
12KG* Band - Blue
15KG* Band - Black
Carrying Case

100% Money Back Guarantee

Don't see results after 2 months of regular use of these bands? Let us know immediately to be eligible for a refund. You will have 4 weeks to claim this after the 2 months has expired!


Do resistance bands tone your body?

A - Resistance bands really work on toning your body’s muscle strength and endurance. It provides the same push as using dumbbells, but with lesser weight involved. Your body won’t feel any different from using resistance bands, and all it will take in is that it has to adapt to the stretch you pull it with.

Do resistance bands work for strength training?

A - Yes, resistance bands work for strength training because it is their primary purpose. Using resistance bands for strength training works because the tension you feel when using them helps define your muscles. The flexibility of resistance bands make your muscle fibres adapt to whatever flexibility your exercise requires, and spontaneous movement keeps the muscles building. The intensity of your exercises increase, your joints and muscles strengthen, thus burning calories faster.

Can you build muscle mass with resistance bands?

A - Yes, by using your own bodyweight, using resistance bands helps you build your muscle mass. Bodyweight exercises improve balance and conditioning, as well as your muscle mass.

How do you do squats with resistance bands?

A - Place one end of the resistance band under your feet, and stand shoulder width apart while holding each end with your hands. Pull them up to your shoulders and upper back. Perform the squat by pushing your upper hips back, keeping your back straight.

Are resistance bands good for stretching?

A - The elasticity of resistance bands make it perfect for adapting to stretching exercises. Using bands deepens the stretch further, thus leaving a greater feeling of flexibility.

How many calories do you burn with resistance bands?

A - The calories burned with resistance bands differ upon your weight and your workout. For instance, a 125-pound woman would burn 150 calories in a 30-minute workout. However, resistance bands will increase the calories you burn.

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